Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5 month pics

I'll get some table shots later today but for now here is a photo of Ash's front. Perhaps not bad for 5 months but he does seem to have alot of head and I wish he had more neck. I think his feet look good- could be alittle closer, I'm still learning though.
Also have some movement shots where I think he looks pretty good. I'll have to keep working on getting the suspended in air shot.


Guppy said...

I think there's a UFO in the top picture?

CardiLover said...

I think that last one is a really good movement shot! And don't get sucked in to putting the front too close together. They aren't supposed to look like fiddles! His front looks fine in that top picture. You can make a lot of neck just by how you work with the head. The biggest thing to remember is that he's a silly putty boy cardi puppy, so he'll change on a daily basis in weird ways for the next 6-9 months...then the changes will slow down to every week or so. ;) Boys!

Traci said...

He looks good so far... And Richelle is right. The dog will change SO MUCH in the next few months! You'll look back in a year and go "woah!!"

Hopefully I'll be there and we can dog show together :)

Fox lady said...

I think the UFO is Ash's head. =)
Thanks for the input, and I didn't manipulate the feet at all in the front shot- that's his stance.
Crazy that they change so much- maybe they are aliens!

Traci when do you know about the transfer?

StubbyDog said...

His feet are about right, he just needs a chest to fill in between them. :o) As for the neck, you need to pull the collar up right under his chin. That way he doesn't get the muffin-top look on his neck. Get used to doing that...whenever I take the dog off the table, or am getting ready to move them, I loosen the collar, pull it up to right under the chin bone, and then pull up the slack in the collar/lead. Gives a much cleaner head and neck.