Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Well, I got my offical form letter accepting me into my final phase of nursing school. Classes will begin in the fall and as I'm eager to get it done with I'm also sad that my slow pace of life is coming to an end. It's only 2 semesters so it should go fast but I'm expecting it to take over my life for awhile. The big question is where do I go after school? Do I stay in the sleepy town of Arcata, or do I head somewhere with more jobs and better pay? And what specialty do I go into? I know in nursing there is often burnout so I want a job that is mostly rewarding and most importantly gives me time to do what I love. I always wanted that job where I lived to work, but now I realize that I will be working to live. Life is short so I better have ample time to live and love. OK this is getting heady, sorry! On a lighter side I got some fun ppics of Ash after a bath. I love the way his coat darkens when it's wet. Enjoy!


C-Myste said...

Still planning on visiting at nationals? You know that Kim Shira's an ER nurse in "real life", right?

Whatever "real life" is.

Kate said...

God, Ash seems like a character.

Fox lady said...

Yes, I did know that Kim was a nurse ( on her website). I'll have to talk to her sometime about how she manages her time! I'm thinking about going to nationals on Thurs, Fri, sat- I'll look for you!