Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gearing up for the LCKC show

Our first show is three days away! I'm trying not to get nervous about it and taking lots of time to do leisurely things this week such as gardening and reading in the sun. But of course show stuff keeps creeping into all my thoughts. "It's just for fun, it's just for fun, it's just for fun," has been my mantra lately.
A friend was able to help me get some MORE stacked shots of Ash today. I love the top photo because his head is nicely stretched out (I feel like he needs more length in his neck), but the bottom photo I have his hind feet pulled back better. What I really need is a show person to help me take these shots or I need to buy a mirror and place it behind the table because I still can't tell how far to pull those feet back! I try to keep our sessions on the table short so I don't sour him, and so it's hard to get that perfect photo, but these are alright.


Guppy said...

We have a mirror! It really helps.

You shall have LOADS of fun and we all expect updates!

Good luck!

StubbyDog said...

I hope you have fun!

And just my opinion, but in the top shot it looks like you're pulling his head back too far. Doesn't do any good to give the appearance of more neck if you mess up his shoulders in the process...JMO. :o) You'll get it eventually...and then you'll be like me and KNOW how you should stack him, and STILL screw it up! LOL

Guppy said...

ps... Guppy says he wants to go too!

Traci said...

I personally like the 2nd shot better... Do you have good Beginner Show stuff reading?? If not, I have a few books I can recommend... when stacking him, pull his head up and AWAY from his body some. Not a ton... teach him to lean INTO his body... his front. Not too much so as to set him off balance tho. You're doing really well.. and he looks great. Keep up the good work, Anne! :) Can't wait to hear how your first show experience goes!! I know I was a nervous wreck for mine! Just remember to breathe, and to not trip on yourself, and you'll be fine ;-)