Thursday, June 7, 2007

Going for a Ride

So the question is- who is taking who for a ride?

I just entered Ash into the Lost Coast Kennel Club show and the Bandon show. Being that we correctly filled out the forms we are now locked in. I also just ordered close to $300.00 worth of grooming supplies, so hopefully Ash and I LOVE the sport of showing otherwise I have some nice replacements for anyone interested. Any helpful tips and hints for a beginner at this point is greatly appreciated. I'm reading 'The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Showing your Dog', and using some good websites that explain conformation stacking and I just ordered the 131 Westminister from Netflix so I can study the handlers, anything I'm forgeting?? Really I just want to have fun, but not looking like a complete novice is an added bonus. Ready or not, here we come!


Guppy said...

You'll be fine... just get to the ring early (breed before yours) to get an idea of what the judge is asking for in patterns. Since you're youngest, and first in, it's always nice to be prepared and judges get cranky pants when they are asked to repeat what they said... I swear I got reserve last Nov cause I couldnt hear what the hell was said and he had to repeat himself twice.

Fox lady said...

Good to know, thanks.

Baledwr said...

just have fun with your puppy - at this point that's the important thing!

StubbyDog said...

Yup just make sure Ash has a good time. :o) If you make an ass of yourself in the meantime, so be it!

Seriously though, don't stress out about the first show too much. Get there early so you can figure out what's going on and where you need to be. I wouldn't freak out about grooming too much, he's just a baby. You'll already be nervous, so keep in mind that HE will be picking up that vibe from you, so you want to keep his experience as positive as you can.

You WILL make mistakes. He WILL be a puppy. Just make sure to pay attention to the steward who is calling out classes, and listen carefully to anything the judge says. Other than that, just try not to trip over yourself or the dog. :P