Saturday, June 2, 2007


I'm finally done with work, WHOOOO-HOOO! I'm so glad to have it behind me because if I had to write one more stream report I thought I was going spontaneously combust! My sweetie and I are going to do a quick celebration trip to Ashland, OR tomarrow. Have a nice romantic dinner and then a play. We soooo need a get away like this, and of course we are bringing the dogs. For those of you who don't know I actually have two dogs. My other is a female aussie X going on 10 years old. She IS my heart dog. It's funny to have a mix breed and than a purebreed. Everything about Kiaya was free, of course it helped that I worked for a vet when I got her and I gave her all her vaccines and assisted in her spay. She's never got into trouble with illnesses or injuries and she's still rather healthy for a senior. In fact she has set the bar quite high for Ash as Kiaya is SOOO smart. She knows several commands and is so well behaved. She's still adjusting to having Ash around, she has been used to being the only spoiled dog for so long. She truly does think she's human and would rather not run with the pack, which is why eventually I want to get another cardi for Ash to have a snuggle, play buddy- but for now I'm happy with my small family.

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Traci said...

She's beautiful Anne! :) I love the picture of the three of you! :)