Saturday, June 23, 2007

To lighten the mood

Not to brush off the topic of my last blog, but I took some fun photos today of Ash. The dogs and I played in the creek in the back yard and then I dried Ash off and poofed him up a bit for some pics. I'm amazed at how well Ash stands on a table now, I just put him up there, tell him to stand and then I back up and I take my photos. The side shot has me slightly worried about his weight. He's only 24 pounds but his belly looks so round!

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Traci said...

Good job for doing them alone! And yay for him standing on the table like that! My only suggestion is to get him to push forward some... he looks like he's leaning back a little in the side picture... if you can help him build his confidence and bring his chest up and forward, he'd get major drool from me ;-)
I LOVE his blue... so light and unobstructed. He's turning into a nice looking young dog Anne :)