Saturday, July 14, 2007

Let my weekend Begin!

We are almost off for a houseboating trip on Trinity Lake. I've never been on a houseboat before so I'm super excited. We have it for 3 nights and there will be 11 of us and one toddler whom we all adore. I went food shopping yesterday and I have enough food to feed a small army- gotta love Costco. The dogs are staying with others- Ash going to a boarding facility- so I'm feeling guilty about that. I hope it doesn't corupt him and turn him into a barker. We will be back on Tuesday and then Colin and I leave for Montana on Friday- whew, the summer is just FLYING by.
I did end up flipping a coin, OK multiple times, on which dog show to go to the first weekend of August and the consistent answer from the penny was Dixon. I think it will be a good experience for me to see what breeder judges are like and I hear the grounds are nice. Although I realized after I paid for it that we will be in the central valley in August!!! It will be HOT and Ash does not do well in heat- we are the coastal kind and so that part may not go well. Oh well, just learning at this point.
I did look ahead at what other shows we could go to after August and due to returning to the nursing program in the fall- the options are slim. Unfortunately the first 6 weeks of the program I get to have Sat morning clinicals, and it doesn't seem worth it to drive all that ways for just one day (Sunday)-so unless someone else wants to show him for me we are probably not going back out until Jan?? I had hoped to finish him relatively quickly but hopefully there should still be time.
Well that's it for now, time to deliver dogs to their respective places and hit the road for the lake adventure!

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