Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sacramento Dog Show Take 1

We had a nice early ring time at 0900 this morning. The temperature was perfect and I was going on little sleep but none-the-less excited to be taking a break from my studies. I did my usual couple laps around the grounds with Ash to try and get him relaxed for the ring. He was the only dog in 9 -12, so despite his unrulyness he took the class. For winners we went back in with Gaylen, a 6-9 month dog that Kelly Shane was showing and one of Sharon Curry's dog. The good news is that Gaylen took WD, and is now a finished champion! :) The bad news is Ash was in no mood to pay attention to momma and performed poorly. I'm not blaming it all on him, for some reason I was more nervous than usual and I'm sure Ash detected that. Kelly's dog took reserve, and Bryer took BOB.
I'm thinking of having Steve Porter take Ash in for me tomarrow. I know regardless it's a new day but I know Ash performs better for Steve. We do ring practice at his place and sometimes we switch up dogs and Ash is always PERFECT for Steve. I'm torn of course because there's something to be said about being owner handled "all the way." But it is just one day and it would be interesting to see if it might make a difference.
Ring time is at 1pm tomarrow so wish us luck and regardless a fun time! I also entered him into the Napa show as well so there's always then too!

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Traci said...

It's the confidence that Steve sends down the leash that makes Ash a different dog... I learned that first hand after showing Kota... I was SO nervous after showing Ollie, that when I finally learned to calm down with Kota, he was a different dog :) Just focus on your dog... have fun with him... i know it's easier said than done sometimes, but you know your boy is nice... :) No need to stress too hard. And it might be educational to have Steve show him once or twice... I never got to see Kota from the other side of the ropes, but i wouldn't have traded a minute of it for the world :)