Friday, February 22, 2008


Last weekend I participated in our local Humdog Expo. It was a good turnout and Ash made a few fans. I of course proudly represented the breed along with another local woman who has two cardis. She was at the booth next to mine and her dogs were very sweet, though they didn't quite share the same puppy enthusiasm that Ash still has- In fact her female let Ash know what was up in the middle of the breed parade. Of well, I don't think Ash cares! Oh and I just realized that the pic of my cardi display shows that my magazine article on cardigans somehow got flipped to a page with pics of pit bulls! How funny, didn't notice that till now! Cardigans, pit bulls- same diff, right? :)


Traci said...

How FUN! Looks like Ash had a great time! might have represented the breed *too* well ;-) Scritches to the Ashman :)

C-Myste said...

I love "Meet the Breed" things. So do Digger and Alice and I'm sure that they have already told Molly all about them.

Some dogs just love hugs and kisses.