Monday, February 11, 2008

Tis' the Season

I know I've been a bad blogger lately. Believe it or not I still hop on blogger almost daily and read up on everyone else but just haven't had anything too exciting to add to mine, nor have I had the time! I'm on the final countdown with school right now with finals being May 14'th, putting me at only 3 months away till graduation!!! I'm currently fighting a small head cold and studying for my first quiz on Wednesday! Yesterday, I took the dogs about 45 minutes inland to the snow. I'm pretty sure it was Ash's first snow experience. He was exhausted afterwards, poor thing trying to get those short legs up and over all the snow drifts! He loved it though and overall great fun was had. Next weekend, one of our local dog groups (Humdog) is having a sort-of Meet the Breed expo and Ash and I will share a booth with some pembrokes! It's basically a PR event for the public to come learn the good, the bad and the ugly about several different breeds. I know I'm still new to the breed, but I think I have enough reference material and resources to give it a decent shot. We will do a breed parade at noon as well. I'll try and have someone take our photos! No shows in the near future besides the Albany one in March, it will also be spring break for me then so I'll be celebrating!


Desert Don said...

At least it sounds like YOU are having fun.
The bug has been going around down here (Big Head Cold).
Cousin Elizabeth has a house full of Pug Puppies .... someone fron the midwest is flying out to pick one.
We have enough trouble with just one Cat!
Happy Valentines Day, Pops

Fox lady said...

Yes, pets are big time gobblers and responsibility- I guess that's why I don't have much of a social life! :)
So fun to see you on blogger by the way!

Kate said...

No snow for me this year. ::cry:: Believe it or not we didn't get any in Louisiana. We do have tornado warnings, though! :D