Monday, April 16, 2007

Wow, I CAN do it!

Ok, my first blog... What on earth to say, where to begin?
I suppose I will just begin from the present and others will pick up the pieces as the story unfolds. My most exciting thing occupying my days lately is my new Welsh Cardigan corgi puppy. He's almost 18 weeks old and and is as cute as a freakin button. It's a long story about how I fell in love with these dogs but I'm beside myself that I finally have one I can spoil, love and call my own. His name is Ash, and at some point I will have a fancy registered name for him but we are still working on it.
Ash lives with my other dog, Kiaya, my boyfriend, six chickens and three ducks. Also currently residing with us is my friend Amy and her Boston bull and cat. Our house is basically like stepping foot in a zoo, where the animals rule.
Tonight we finished our fourth puppy kindergarden class. Ash has come a long way and is getting smarter and smarter each day. Soon we will be able to discuss the inner makings of the space time continuum theory.
This upcoming week will actually be a milestone as we have meetings with couple of well respected cardigan fanciers who will take a look at him and let me know how his overall form and structure look. I'm anxious to hear what they have to say. He has a pretty face but I am just a novice at this point and am seeking a good mentor. Regardless he's been loads of fun and heart lifting, especially in such a sad world these days.