Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trying to take the dullness away

Since I've brought my new puppy home, my work schedule has been altered to accommodate us. This means that my ordinary 20 hour week that I was doing in three days, in order to enjoy a nice four day weekend, has now been stretched out to four hours a day five days a week. This way I can go home for lunch for a few hours each day to feed puppy. I know pretty coosh, but I MISS having those four days for errands, me, ect. The work that I do is pretty damn monotonous, so to pass time I just listen to NPR and then to XMradio and try not to stare at the clock wishing it was already time to leave. The big picture is our grant funding for my position will be up the end of May and then I'll have just about three months of complete utter freedom until I have to sell my soul as my final push through the RN program. Let's just say come'on May I'm ready!!!! I have so many plans to travel and camp and show my dog and garden and scrapbook and play and....... I just hope three months will be long enough!

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