Monday, November 12, 2007

Stranger Than Life

It seems lately that the world is testing me. I had three days in a row where something really bad happened followed by something really good or vice versa. On Thursday, I found out that I had been awarded the preceptorship that I applied for in the nursing program. Meaning that I will get to work alongside a nurse next semester in either OB or OR (surgery), and there's a good chance that I may get hired on with that department. Then almost a half hour later I found out that US Airways CANCELED my flight back to Indiana for the holidays. They just said that US Airways was not servicing Arcata on those days. As for the dog show, we had our great day on Saturday and when I went back for the best puppy ring and waited almost three hours to have them switch rings at the last minute and I completely missed the judging. Part of it is experience and learning that they do that sometimes and I guess just being prepared for anything, but I was sooooo bummed as Ash was a tired puppy which means he would of performed well and it was most likely his last opportunity for something like that since he will be no longer considered a puppy after next month. He's a year old Dec. 13'th. Then yesterday he was a complete brat. Not interested in anything else but wanting to play with the younger puppies while in the ring! He literally was screaming in agony because I had to get on my knees and force him to stack and not let him look at the cute bitch behind him. I'm honestly amazed we got the point as his behavior was terrible, probably the worst ever. Is this just an age thing?? Because after yesterday I'm just quite frankly embarrased to show him. How do I get a dog who LOVES other dogs to not love them so much???? Anyway, that's been my weekend. Not the worst but definately not the best.
Oh and a big thanks goes to my girlfriend Becky for snapping these great pics and for supporting me during my moments of angst. Also for accompaning me for my first wine tasting experience in Napa!


StubbyDog said...

Anyone who has ever seen Leo and I show knows that I feel your pain about a dog that is SO focused on the other dogs that they are complete. idiots. I really got to where I dreaded taking him to shows because he sits ringside and WHINES and carries on because he wants to play with everyone. But if I didn't take him ringside, he was a total spazz because he hadn't had a chance to calm down even a little bit. Argh.

The only thing that ever worked for me is to keep his attention on ME 100% of the time. That means that ringside we are doing sits, downs, shake paws, sit up, spin in circles, ANYTHING I can do to keep him "working" and paying attention to me and my food. It is a full time job and quite honestly, exhausting LOL. But it did usually work as long as I kept it up.

Fox lady said...

Oh Jeri, this is so relieving to hear. I think what works best for us is to exercise as much as posiible so he's more focused, but we had early ring times both days and well, I didn't want to wake up before 6:30 as it was. I think I need to get some better bait too. Something extremely savory.
So is Leo still this way around other dogs? Because I'm really hoping Ash will grow out of it. Maybe he needs some doggie ritalin! LOL.

C-Myste said...

Better cookies is often the answer. You have to make yourself MORE INTERESTING than the other dogs.

Which is tough when the "other dogs" include "girls in heat".

Fox lady said...

That is true, I'm sure he can smell a bitch in heat- but he'll squeal for boys too!

Cardimom said...

I think you're just experiencing teen-age ankst, and it WILL get better. And I agree that really good cookies will help, as well as maybe some practice at home with eye contact with you. At first with no distractions, and then build in more and more distractions. I like Zuke's minis for treats. My pre-ring procedure is to get ringside really early, and then stay off to the side out of the excitement and get Mikey to lay down and chill out. I want his excitement level low when we enter the ring for the first stack, and then build it up slowly until he's at a high on our individual down and back and go around. Oh, and anyone that has shown around us know Mikey as 'Mike the Mouth' )although luckily he seldom barks in the actual ring). He's over two and still can be a naughty boy! Hang in there!