Monday, December 10, 2007

Almost halfway!!!

Tomarrow is my nursing final for the fall semester. This time tomarrow I will again have a life for about three weeks, and then I get to do it all over again starting Jan. 2. Though I hear next semester is alittle more demanding, I'll still have nice 4 day weekends and I'm certainly not complaining there. I've started looking at shows after the new year. Ash is entered at Golden Gate kennel club for one day. It's a benched show and since i've heard mixed reviews regarding benched shows, I figured one day would be enough. I'm still thinking about going to a day or two of the Portland shows and seeing some new dogs for a change, not to mention some puppies!!! Then there's Albany in March and way down the road I see a show in Merlin, OR? Ash MAY be finished by then but I might go anyway since it'll be so close to me (3 hours away!) Yep, I gotta drive to far and away places when I want to show- the price I pay for living in the far corners of the earth.
Alright, time to get back to studying.....................almost there, almost there.

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Traci said...

good luck on your final!!!!!