Friday, May 23, 2008

Bring on the Birth!

One of my dearest friends and soul sister is pregnant with her first child. I've known both her and her husband for about 12 years now. I actually met Therese at Purdue when I lived in Indiana and if it wasn't for Therese I most likely wouldn't be living a dream life here in Northern California. It was Therese who spearheaded the idea that we all pack our things and move out west. We were twenty something and full of mysticism. So from Lafayette, IN eight of us crammed what we owned into a large Uhaul and made our way out here- Tommy, Therese's husband, included. Today Therese is officially 42 weeks pregnant and all along she has been wanting a homebirth. She has been working very closely with two midwives throughout her pregnancy and has been ready for weeks to deliver. She has been told that after tonight, she needs to deliver in a hospital. Therese made another attemp yesterday by drinking castor oil- I know what some of you are already thinking, but my area is very "all natural" and these things are perfectly accepted here. So after another quiet evening we are all keeping our fingers crossed that this baby decides to come into the world TODAY! I'm honored that Therese has asked me to be by her side during the birth of thier baby and so my life is also on standstill, but I'm perfectly alright with that. I suppose it's just one of the great mysteries of pregnancy- the actual due date is never known. Another small mystery is they don't know the sex yet!

As far as my timing, it couldn't be better now that finals are over and my NCLEX review class finished yesterday- I've got all the time in the world! ;-) Here are some pics I took of T&T a few weeks ago in the backyard. It's hard to tell but Therese has henna art on her belly. Aren't they glowing!!!

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Traci said...

awww good luck to Therese and her husband on the safe arrival of their baby..... seems to be in the air... 6 (yes, six) people in the small office i work in are pregnant, and a cousins wife just gave birth yesterday... another cousin had a baby 8 weeks ago.... Best of luck to Therese...