Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's a boy!!!!

Whew, what a weekend! Details soon to come but I had to at least let the world know that Therese and Tommy delivered a healthy 8.2lb baby boy yesterday at 7:15pm! Therese amazed me with her strength and endurance. She joked and told her new son that he will never know what she just went through! They will be coming home from the hospital today after 4 nights there!!
On another note, Ash gave me a heart attack on Sunday night when I came home to find him lame in his hindquarters. I raced him to the ER vet where he checked out fine neurologically and the vet thought it was a leg injury and sent me home with rimadyl. He seems much better already and starting to get whiney about the crate rest. I called my regular vet today and they can't get him in until next Monday when we will discuss X-rays to rule out spinal injury. Sorry buddy gotta stay cooped up until then.

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Traci said...

I hope Ash turns out ok... I hope he was just being a typical goober boy and just strained himself .... Keep us posted!
And congrats to the new parents!!