Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coming Along

Sometimes i feel that since Ash is a Champion now and i've decided not to special him that there's just nothing to blog about!! But as someone so nicely reminded me (Thanks Kim ;-) ) I do have a lovely new home that I own and we are feeling like kings and queens on this beautiful redwood forest of 5 acres! It's actually really funny the things that i get excited over like- Yay! I just had 8 yards of gravel delivered to our roadway and yay, I just got the compost piles up to speed and yay, I just got my new on-demand water tank installed (that one I'm REALLY excited about!) Next month I will be ripping out the old wood stove and putting in a new one and maybe topping /limbing some trees to allow some light in on the studio. Down the road I want to convert the storage garage into some dog runs and start building my own cardi empire- I figure I'll wait till I'm done working nights and have more normal people's hours before that happens. It's just absolutely amazing and empowering how owning your own home feels- lots of work but oooooh the freedom!!!! Oh and not to mention, I just filed my taxes and because I closed in 2009, I qualify for the $8,000 first time home buyers credit!!! Yep, I'm getting almost $10 grand back this year in taxes! Vegas anyone?? So, I feel buying this home was the smartest investment move I could of ever made.

As far as Ash goes, he's finally out of his splint, which he ended up developing a yeast infection underneath- because they expected me to keep that leg dry despite our heavy rainfall. So then he needed to live in a cone head- which broke his spirit. After a week of that he was released on light duty ad he's slowly been feeling his normal self- he still doesn't always put his weight down on that foot, but I'm hoping it's just a habit thing. He's still the best cuddler in the world! Oh and i will put out in the cardi universe that if anyone knows of a nice show prospect blk/wht bitch know that I have my feelers out again for one now that I feel more settled in my new home.

Hope all is well, it looks like it as i keep up with your blogs and might have to follow suit eventually and switch to word press- nice job Kate! I'll keep updating with new pics of the house especially as the gardens begin to come along!


Kim said...

That place is so beautiful and I cannot wait to see your gardens!

Glad the Ashman is doing better.

Love to you and Ash and Kiaya!

Traci said...

Wow, your house (and land) is BEAUTIFUL!!!! It's a forest wonderland... I would LOVE that chunk of land! I can't wait to see more pictures of your new home and land!!! (and of the furry ones too, of course!) Hugs to my birthday buddy :)