Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fennec fox in disguise

Shasta, who is pretty much now Lily or at times still "puppy", is 12 weeks old tomorrow. She is fitting in nicely here and we are still working on those typical puppy challenges. I'm sure the housebreaking is going slower than usual due to my tenant and I sharing the care until I go to part time in September. I'm also trying to get her used to her crate as she whines and cries every time she's in it. I think because she came from such a large litter it's probably harder for her to accept some alone time. Other than those things she's a confident, happy and healthy puppy.
Thanks to Carolyn, and after a couple of failed attempts, I finally got her HUGE ears up. She looks soooo different now! She looks just like one of my fave foxes- the fennec fox! Hopefully it will all come to proportion soon. Here are some goofy pics of her to enjoy!


C-Myste said...

Wouldn't that be a fun thing to name a puppy? Might have to be a red, though.

Ears look nice.

C-Myste said...

BTW, I moved you from "other cardigan blogs" to "cardigan family" since Lilly is a great-great-great-great (I counted) granddaughter to ol' Jawoogers.

Fox lady said...

I noticed that and I, I mean we, feel very special!! ;-)

Traci said...

Glad to see she finally has a name! :) She's a cutie patootie! I can't wait to watch her grow!!!
There may be puppy news of my own soon... wait and see.... :)