Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dog daze

And just when I thought the pace couldn't be busier, I had to go and bring this wild whipper snapper home and top it!! She's growing up quickly it seems and is finally tolerating her crate better so the potty training is improving. She and Ash just wrestle and play constantly, and when she's not with him on the nights I work she comes running up to my door and cries to get every one outside while I'm sleeping. Oh babies!!

I tried to pose her by my flower box on the deck and she wasn't really having any of it, but I manage one decent shot.

Off to dinner then to pick one of my old high school friends up from the airport- fun times ahead!!!

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Sally said...

Hi, I thought your new girl looked a bit familiar. I have her brother. My website is
His name was Lucky, and now is Gunner.
Sally Joaquin