Sunday, October 11, 2009

Almost five months!

Wow! Where does time go??? I couldn't believe it when I did the math and saw that Lil is almost 5 months old!! It seems she's still such a puppy- waking me up every morning EARLY and constantly tormenting her big brother. I finally got around to registering her and she's officially Coedwig's Dark Goddess. She definitely can be quite the demon sometimes, but she is absolutely gorgeous!! So, I guess I need to be more regimented about table training and ring practice as I think her first show will be in January at the Golden Gate KC show- which I believe is an open benched show- Hmmm, not sure that I'll dig it, but gonna give it a whirl anyhow. I'm undecided about the Portland show as it's just sooooooo big!! I may just go and spectate and catch up with all my wonderful cardi mentors!!
I was able to get some post bath pics of Lily tonight that I want to share. Still working on table training and have been unable to get good stacked shots.. Soon, soon..


dreameyce said...

That last pic, she looks like her Great-Uncle Huxley! Awww!

She's beautiful, and I can't wait to see how she matures. I hope you make it up to RCC, as I'd love to meet you! It's a very fun show, and I wish I had someone to enter :)

Traci said...

If you're on the fence about the Rose City Cluster in January, and can take the time to go - I'd say GO! I like that show, but boy howdy, by the end of that weekend, you're spent! Another option for you in January is the Orange Empire shows which has the Southern CA specialty attached to it... That's where we'll be ;-)
Lil is lookin' mighty cute!! :) She and Piper are very similar, I think... :)

J.S.D. said...

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