Tuesday, September 22, 2009

tease stack shots

Over the weekend I had Steve and Kelly watch Lily for me since I had to work three nights in a row and my roomate was unavailable. I figured it would be good socialization for her since he has 12 week old puppies on the ground and tons of visitors each day. He raved about her when I came to pick her up on Monday, going on and on about how great her disposition is. It's always good to hear these things! I was pretty tired from my night shifts but I managed to get a couple pics with his help of her stacked, only I realized later that we didn't have her on her show side-DUH!!! So I promise I will work on getting some better shots, but here they are for now for the curious minded.
She is definitely taking on that great cardi length, not only in body but in neck. She seems leggy to me right now, but maybe she's just spurting?? Love the topline and tailset though. And and check out them ears!!! She's about to set sail!!!
She's sweet, spunky and social. I love her colors, she even has black whiskers on one side of her face- so cute. Need to curb the barking though and wish she wasn't such an early riser- but then, can't have it all!


C-Myste said...

Something about her really reminds me of Huxley :-)

Yeah, she's a little leggy right now. But they go through stages.

StubbyDog said...

She's pretty! Love the ears LOL. Lovely rear. Don't worry about leggy, most of them are at this age.

Traci said...

She's CUTE!! And she looks like she'll come together nice!! :)